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I have been artistic for as long as I can remember.  I have been in business in some form since about 2007.

My aesthetic is Earthy and mystical.  I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams, but I’m also inspired by folklore, myth, and Fairy tales.  I place a strong emphasis on recycling and reuse, so a lot of my products are made from found objects and are upcycled.  This prevails across all of my product lines, from my bags to my jewelry to my art pieces.

As a vegan, I do not use animal products, save the occasional piece of reclaimed material.  When I create a theme with bone or horn or anything like that, it’s from synthetic materials.  I used to save leather items that would otherwise be thrown out, but I no longer do that. I have one necklace that is strung on reclaimed suede, but once that is gone, that will be it.

In addition, I sell vintage/antiques with a focus mostly on home goods.  I specialize in holloware and books, but I curate my collection pretty carefully. I source what I like, and I’m pretty particular!

As of now, my products can be found on Etsy, Artyah, and eCrater. I also sell at the markets in and around Harper’s Ferry, WV and in the DC area, when I can manage it.